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Tinnitus: Questions and Answers » (New Edition)

Book cover image of Tinnitus: Questions and Answers by Jack A. Vernon

Authors: Jack A. Vernon, Barbara Tabachnick Sanders, Barbara Tabachnick Sanders
ISBN-13: 9780205326853, ISBN-10: 0205326854
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon, Inc.
Date Published: January 2001
Edition: New Edition

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Author Biography: Jack A. Vernon

Jack Vernon was born in Tennessee, grew up in Virginia, and was a pilot during WWII. He attended the University of Virginia where he earned his BA, MA, and Ph.D. in psychology. In 1966, he moved to Oregon to begin clinical research in tinnitus. He soon founded the Tinnitus Clinic at the Oregon Health Sciences University, the first tinnitus clinic in the U.S.

Barbara Tabachnick Sanders' poetry and short stories appeared in "West" in the late 1970s. She has authored more than 70 articles on other health topics. She has been a feature writer for "Tinnitus Today" since 1993 and its editor since 1995.

Book Synopsis

Tinnitus patients have questions that most often their doctors and audiologists can't answer. The disorder is not taught in medical schools and a single front runner of a treatment has not emerged. Tinnitus patients typically do not know where to go for help. Thousands resort to chatting on the Internet about their condition. Thousands of others have written to the American Tinnitus Association and to Dr. Jack Vernon for help, compassion, wisdom, and answers. This book is a reflection of Dr. Vernon's 30-year dedication to this problem. His optimism for the condition and willingness to try out new ideas has pushed the mysterious disorder of tinnitus into a national and NIH-funded spotlight. Tinnitus: Questions and Answers focuses on the most frequently asked questions about tinnitus. The questions in this book are from patients. The answers are written for patients and for interested health care providers too. The book covers causes, treatments, and other topics with a format similar to the Q&A column in Tinnitus Today, ATA's quarterly journal.

Table of Contents


2.Acoustic Neuroma — Tumor on the Eighth Nerve.

3.Air Bags.

4.Alternative Treatments — Acupuncture, Amino Acids, Auditory Training, Diet, DMSO, Enzymes,Ginkgo, Homeopathy, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Lasers, Minerals, Relaxation Therapy, Vitamins.

5.Barometric Changes — The Effect of Changing Air Pressure on Tinnitus.


7.The Brain's Involvement in Tinnitus.

8.Causes of Tinnitus.

9.Cochlear Implants — Surgical Implants That Restore Hearing.

10.Cognitive Therapy/Counseling.

11.Demographics — How Many People Have Tinnitus?

12.Dentistry and Tinnitus.


14.Drug Perfusion — In-the-Ear Drug Treatments.

15.Drug Side Effects.

16.Drugs That Help.

17.The Eardrum & Ear Cleaning.

18.Electrical Stimulation.



21.Head Trauma.

22.Hearing Aids.

23.Hearing Conservation.

24.Hearing Loss.

25.Hearing Protection Devices.

26.How the Ear Works.

27.Hyperacusis — Super-Sensitivity to Sound.



30.Insurance & Financial Assistance.

31.Masking — The Introduction of External Sounds to Quiet Tinnitus.

32.Meniere's Disease.

33.MRI — Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

34.Musical Tinnitus.

35.Noise Cancellation — Computer-Aided Technology That Cancels External Sounds.

36.Noise in the Environment.

37.Pulsatile (pulsing) Tinnitus.

38.Recreational Substances.


40.Residual Inhibition — An Aftereffect of Masking.


42.Sounds of Tinnitus.

43.Sudden Hearing Loss.

44.Support Groups.


46.Tinnitus Instruments — Devices for Tinnitus Control.

47.Tinnitus Miscellaneous.

48.Tinnitus Testing.

49.Temporomandibular Joint Disorder.

50.TRT — Tinnitus Retraining Therapy.