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Cosmetic Breast Surgery: What to Know Before Having an Enlargement, Lift or Reduction »

Book cover image of Cosmetic Breast Surgery: What to Know Before Having an Enlargement, Lift or Reduction by Robert M. Freund

Authors: Robert M. Freund, Alexander Van Dyne
ISBN-13: 9781569244555, ISBN-10: 1569244553
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Da Capo Press
Date Published: July 2004
Edition: (Non-applicable)

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Author Biography: Robert M. Freund

Book Synopsis

Though cosmetic breast surgery is most commonly an elective procedure, it is an important, irreversible decision that demands careful consideration. In Cosmetic Breast Surgery, distinguished plastic surgeon Robert M. Freund—who has worked on the breasts of thousands of women in his private and public New York City practices—offers clear explanations and sensitive advice for women curious about having their breasts enlarged, reduced, or lifted. In a factual, conversational tone, Dr. Freund—recently named one of New York's leading plastic surgeons by New York magazine—candidly discusses all of the risks and rewards involved, different operating procedures and options, the right and wrong reasons to have surgery, choosing the right surgeon, pre- and postoperative care, and what to do if a procedure goes wrong. Written with a woman’s best interest in mind, Cosmetic Breast Surgery provides photographs throughout and is essential reading for all women considering breast surgery.

Library Journal

From Brazil, where most patients select breast reduction, to Texas, where enlargement is preferred, breast surgery is one of today's most popular types of cosmetic surgery. Freund, a top practitioner based in New York City, describes in detail what cosmetic breast surgery can and cannot accomplish, as well as some of the corrections that can be made in procedures that may not have worked out as planned. He also thoroughly discusses the risks of silicone implants and addresses the question of breastfeeding. Other books address cosmetic surgery as a whole, with only a chapter on breast surgery, or deal exclusively with the risks of silicone implants, which have turned out to be less threatening than initially thought. Concise and complete, Freund's title offers the best broad coverage of the subject. Highly recommended for consumer health collections.-Susan B. Hagloch, formerly with the Tuscarawas Cty. P.L., New Philadelphia, OH Copyright 2004 Reed Business Information.

Table of Contents

1Why Do You Want to Have Cosmetic Breast Surgery? Right and Wrong Reasons for Going under the Knife1
2The Perfect Breasts: Brazil versus Texas10
3What Are Your Options? The Nonsurgical and Surgical Basics19
4Risks and Rewards: Don't Pass "Go" Until You Read This!27
5Choosing a Surgeon: Your Biggest Decision53
6Breast-Feeding: Can You? Should You?61
7Breast Enlargement: Getting It Right the First Time65
8The Silicone Implant Controversy: Or How Trial Lawyers Created Mass Hysteria Based on Anecdotes and Deception86
9Breast Reduction: Relieve the Burden98
10Breast Life: Solve the Sag108
11Correcting Mismatched Breasts: You Are Not Alone116
12Fixing Bad Surgery: For When the Unfortunate Happens126
13Breast Reconstruction after Mastectomy: Repair Your Breasts and Your Self-Image!138
14The Psychology of the Breast: A Look at the Psyche of a Society Fixated on Breasts150
15Taking Control of Your Recovery: Maximize Your Results with Vitamins, Supplements and Good Behavior178
16Teens and Cosmetic Breast Surgery: Guidance for Parents in the Age of Britney and Christina191
Your Pre- and Post-Surgery Checklist197
Internet References209