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Fit for Life: A New Beginning,the Ultimate Diet and Health Plan » (Reissue)

Book cover image of Fit for Life: A New Beginning,the Ultimate Diet and Health Plan by Harvey Diamond

Authors: Harvey Diamond, Marilyn Diamond, Kay S. Lawrence
ISBN-13: 9780446300155, ISBN-10: 0446300152
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Date Published: February 1987
Edition: Reissue

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Author Biography: Harvey Diamond

Book Synopsis

Harvey Diamond The #1 New York Times
Bestselling Co-Author Of Fit For Life
Shows You How To:

Lose Weight

Relieve Pain

Improve Digestion

Boost Energy


  • Breakthrough Information On How To Prevent Breast Cancer

  • The Key To Well-Being--Unlock And Unleash Your Lymphatic System!

  • Autism: Inspiring Hope Through Practical Approaches And Life-Changing Success Stories

"An empowering resource. . .Fit For Life: A New Beginning delivers." --Anthony Robbins

"A book with answers, a book of real hope...a treasure trove of exciting health information to prevent disease." --Kenneth M. Kroll, M.D.

"Harvey Diamond speaks from a point of view so many of us now want... I deeply welcome this book into my own life." --Marianne Williamson

Table of Contents

Part I.Health Is Your Birthright
1How I Got Here from There3
2The Clean Machine25
3What's in a Word?32
4The Seven Stages of Disease44
5Your Very Best Friend63
6Keeping Abreast83
7Health in Action112
8Too Fat or Not Too Fat131
Part II.The CARE Program
10An Introduction to CARE171
11The First Principle: Periodic Monodieting179
12The Second Principle: The Gradual Reduction of Animal Products205
13The Third Principle: The Mind Matters217
14You Have a Choice237
End Notes241
Appendix IThe Magic of Water261
Appendix IIThe Fountain of Youth?279
Appendix IIISupplements with a Body of Light289
For Your Information313