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The Alchemy Of Happiness » (1st Edition)

Book cover image of The Alchemy Of Happiness by Al-Ghazzali

Authors: Al-Ghazzali, Ghazzali, Claud Field
ISBN-13: 9781596053694, ISBN-10: 1596053690
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Cosimo Classics
Date Published: November 2005
Edition: 1st Edition

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Author Biography: Al-Ghazzali

Book Synopsis

Those who deny the reality of the ecstasies and other spiritual experiences of the Sufis merely betray their own narrow-mindedness and shallow insight.-from "Concerning Music and Dancing" One of the great works of mystical religious literature, the Kimiya-i-Sa'adaat strove to bring man closer to understanding God by helping him understand himself. These excerpts from that work, by a strikingly original thinker on Islam who lived and wrote in the 11th century, were first published in 1910, and serve as a potent reminder of how powerful an influence Al-Ghazzali had upon religious philosophers of the Middle Ages, both Christian and Islamic. With its wise and warmly humanistic outlook, this little book may well foster a new measure of understanding in the current philosophical battle between the religious traditions of East and West. Also available from Cosimo Classics: Field's Shadows Cast Before and Jewish Legends of the Middle Ages. Iranian theologian AL-GHAZALI (1058-1111) was medieval Islam's most prominent scholar and philosopher. CLAUD FIELD is also author of Mystics and Saints of Islam, Heroes of Missionary Enterprise, and Persian Literature.

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