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Shariah Law: An Introduction » (New Edition)

Book cover image of Shariah Law: An Introduction by Mohammad Hashim Kamali

Authors: Mohammad Hashim Kamali
ISBN-13: 9781851685653, ISBN-10: 1851685650
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Oneworld Publications
Date Published: April 2008
Edition: New Edition

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Author Biography: Mohammad Hashim Kamali

Book Synopsis

Providing a comprehensive and accessible examination of Shari'ah Law, this well considered introduction examines the sources, characteristic features and various schools of thought of a system often stereotyped for its severity in the West. Complete with a bibliography, glossary, and extensive index of Arabic quotations, this wide-ranging resource will prove an indispensable resource for Islamic students, and an informative guide to a complex topic for the general reader.

Table of Contents



1 Introduction 1

2 Nature, Sources and Objectives of Shari'ah 14

3 Characteristic Features of Shari'ah 39

4 The Leading Schools of Law (Madhahib) 68

5 Disagreement (Ikhtilaf) and Pluralism in Shari'ah 99

6 Goals and Purposes (Maqasid) of Shari'ah: History and Methodology 123

7 Legal Maxims of Fiqh (Qawa'id al-Kulliyyah al-Fiqhiyyah) 141

8 Independent Reasoning (Ijtihad) and Juristic Opinion (Fatwa) 162

9 Shari'ah and the Principle of Legality 179

10 Democracy, Fundamental Rights and the Shari'ah 199

11 Beyond the Shari'ah: An Analysis of Shari'ah-oriented Policy (Siyasah Shar'iyyah) 225

12 Adaptation and Reform 246

13 Reflections on Some Challenging Issues 262

Conclusion 298

Bibliography 311

Glossary 322

General index 328

Index of Arabic quotations 337