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Mother God: The Feminine Principle to Our Creator » (Bargain)

Book cover image of Mother God: The Feminine Principle to Our Creator by Sylvia Browne

Authors: Sylvia Browne
ISBN-13: 9781616810467, ISBN-10: 1616810467
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Hay House, Inc.
Date Published: February 2004
Edition: Bargain

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Author Biography: Sylvia Browne

SYLVIA BROWNE is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Two Marys, Psychic Children, The Mystical Life of Jesus, Insight, Phenomenon, and other bestsellers. She has been working as a psychic for five decades and appears regularly on The Montel Williams Show. She has also appeared on Larry King Live, Good Morning America, CNN, and Entertainment Tonight. She lives in California and works alongside her son, Chris, who has inherited his mother's psychic abilities.

Book Synopsis

Sylvia Browne, in her own indomitable style, again defies convention in this uniquely informative compilation of diligently researched facts and personal accounts about the premise of a female divinity—namely, the Mother God (also known as the feminine principle).Spanning time from the earliest beginnings of humankind, when the time of the “Goddess” was at its peak, to the current era, with its myriad beliefs and religions, Sylvia takes us on a journey of discovery, where she discusses the suppression of the “Mother Goddess” by the male-dominated politics of modern-day religious dogma.Using a combination of historical data and poignant and heartwarming stories revealing the power and miracles attributed to the Mother God, Sylvia leads us from the question of “Does She exist” to the logical, fact-based conclusion that She does . . . and then shows us how to call upon Her to help us in our everyday lives.

Table of Contents