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Mayo Clinic Family Health Book »

Book cover image of Mayo Clinic Family Health Book by Mayo Clinic Staff

Authors: Mayo Clinic Staff
ISBN-13: 9781603200776, ISBN-10: 1603200770
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Time, Incorporated Home Entertainment
Date Published: October 2009
Edition: (Non-applicable)

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Author Biography: Mayo Clinic Staff

Mayo Clinic is one of the world's oldest and largest multispecialty group practices. Since 1904, millions of people from all walks of life have found answers at Mayo Clinic.

With the Family Health Book 4th Edition, Mayo Clinic continues its history of providing the answers and information you need to make positive changes in your health and your family member's health.

Book Synopsis

Since its initial publication in 1990, Mayo Clinic Family Health Book has become a classic home medical reference, selling more than 1 million copies. Now in its third edition, this completely revised, generously illustrated volume offers the latest in medical knowledge with a strong emphasis on self-care. From prevention to treatment, from infancy to old age, this comprehensive health guide offers reliable, easy-to-understand information in six convenient sections.

Part I: Living Well

Filled with health-promotion strategies, this section details nutrition, fitness, stress management and other practices for healthy living.

Part II: Common Conditions and Concerns Through Life's Stages

Here you'll find explanations of human growth and development, descriptions of health issues common to children and adults, and a discussion of issues related to death and dying.

Part III: Making Sense of Your Symptoms

This all-new section is intended to help you better understand what may be causing certain signs or symptoms that you're experiencing. It includes information on frequent concerns and complaints common to adults, as well as those common to children.

Part IV: First Aid and Emergency Care

Here you'll find guidance on how to respond to situations ranging from simple sprains and cuts to urgent events such as chest pain and choking.

Part V: Diseases and Disorders

The largest section in the book, Part V includes discussions of more than 1,000 diseases and disorders.Here you can find detailed information about specific conditions. Each discussion lists common signs and symptoms, followed by a description of the condition, information on how it's diagnosed and a review of treatment options. Preceding this section are 40 pages of color illustrations to help you better understand human anatomy and common disorders.

Part VI: Tests and Treatments

This section discusses tests commonly used to evaluate individual health and diagnose disease. It also includes a medications guide and information on surgery, various methods to manage pain and complementary and alternative therapies.

Table of Contents

How to Use This Bookxiv
Part ILiving Well1
Chapter 1Getting Immunized3
Chapter 2Eating Right17
Chapter 3Controlling Your Weight37
Chapter 4Keeping Active51
Chapter 5Managing Stress69
Chapter 6Addressing Risky Behaviors77
Chapter 7Caring for Your Teeth101
Chapter 8Participating in Your Health Care109
Chapter 9Practicing Safety121
Chapter 10Staying Healthy When Traveling131
Chapter 11Addressing End-of-Life Issues139
Part IICommon Conditions and Concerns Through Life's Stages145
Chapter 12Infant and Toddler Years147
Chapter 13Preschool to Preteen Years187
Chapter 14Teenage Years225
Chapter 15Pregnancy and Childbirth247
Chapter 16Adult Years287
Chapter 17Death and Dying315
Part IIIMaking Sense of Your Symptoms323
Signs and Symptoms Common in Adults326
Signs and Symptoms Common in Children336
Part IVFirst Aid and Emergency Care341
Choking and the Heimlich Maneuver344
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation347
Severe Bleeding355
Fainting, Seizure and Stroke373
Bites and Stings384
Foreign Bodies390
Cold-Related Emergencies393
Heat-Related Emergencies395
Mental Health Emergencies398
Visual Guide: Anatomy and Common Disorders401
Part VDiseases and Disorders441
Chapter 18Genetics and Disease443
Chapter 19Cancer459
Chapter 20Infectious Diseases483
Chapter 21Allergies and Asthma521
Chapter 22Brain and Nerves549
Chapter 23Eyes619
Chapter 24Ears, Nose and Throat661
Chapter 25Teeth and Mouth697
Chapter 26Heart and Blood Vessels727
Chapter 27Lungs and Respiratory System795
Chapter 28Breast Conditions829
Chapter 29Digestive System847
Chapter 30Kidneys and Urinary Tract915
Chapter 31Bones, Joints and Muscles947
Chapter 32Endocrine System1017
Chapter 33Female Reproductive System1055
Chapter 34Male Reproductive System1105
Chapter 35Blood1129
Chapter 36Skin, Hair and Nails1165
Chapter 37Mental Illness1217
Chapter 38Sleep Disorders1249
Part VITests and Treatments1265
Chapter 39Diagnostic Tests1267
Chapter 40Medications Guide1283
Chapter 41Surgery1321
Chapter 42Pain Management1325
Chapter 43Complementary and Alternative Medicine1341