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Evolving Halakhah: A Progressive Approach to Traditional Jewish Law » (Bargain)

Book cover image of Evolving Halakhah: A Progressive Approach to Traditional Jewish Law by Moshe Zemer

Authors: Moshe Zemer, Justice Haim Cohn, Haim H. Cohn
ISBN-13: 9781615609246, ISBN-10: 1615609245
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Jewish Lights Publishing
Date Published: February 2003
Edition: Bargain

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Author Biography: Moshe Zemer

Book Synopsis

Table of Contents

Ch. 1Halakhah as an Evolving Ethical System3
Ch. 2Maimonides and the "Lesser Evil"23
Ch. 3The Essence of Evolving Halakhah37
IIMarriage and Divorce59
Ch. 4Yibbum and Halitzah61
Ch. 5Marriages Forbidden to a Kohen73
Ch. 6Mamzerut (Halakhic Illegitimacy)87
Ch. 7Marriage Blacklists: "All Families Are Presumed to Be Fit"113
Ch. 8Rabbi Goren's Reform Conversion125
Ch. 9Ambivalence about Conversion143
Ch. 10Disqualifying Jews from India to Ethiopia157
Ch. 11You Shall Not Oppress the Stranger171
IVThe State of Israel and Gentiles177
Ch. 12The Sabra and Shatilla Massacre181
Ch. 13Demolishing Houses in the Territories: A Halakhic Perspective187
Ch. 14Halakhah and the Intifada193
Ch. 15The Attitude toward the Enemy205
Ch. 16Ransoming Captives225
Ch. 17"Halakhic" Justifications for Murder231
VThe Status of Women239
Ch. 18Is a Woman Permitted to Hold a Public Position?241
Ch. 19Women and Service in the Israel Defense Forces249
Ch. 20A "Women's Gallery" in the Cemetery255
Ch. 21Delaying a Funeral Until the Daughter of the Deceased Arrives261
Ch. 22The Right of Women to Say Kaddish265
Ch. 23Is a Woman's Voice Sexually Enticing?275
VIThe Ultra-Orthodox281
Ch. 24Desecrating the Sabbath in Order to Sanctify It283
Ch. 25Religious Violence against a Progressive Congregation291
Ch. 26The Cult of the Newly Ultra-Orthodox295
Ch. 27Religious Tolerance among Jews: A Critique of Rulings by Rabbi Moshe Feinstein301
Ch. 28Archaeology as a Mitzvah313
Ch. 29Circumcising a Corpse317
Ch. 30A Dialogue on Autopsies323
Ch. 31Abortion Is Not Murder335
Ch. 32Artificial Insemination339
Ch. 33To Smoke or Not to Smoke: A Jewish Question345
Ch. 34"It Is Forbidden to Delay Death"351
Ch. 35For the Sake of Peace359
Ch. 36Burial and Superstition373
About Jewish Lights441