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Wolf Tales VIII »

Book cover image of Wolf Tales VIII by Kate Douglas

Authors: Kate Douglas
ISBN-13: 9780758226945, ISBN-10: 0758226942
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corporation
Date Published: July 2009
Edition: (Non-applicable)

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Author Biography: Kate Douglas

Kate Douglas has been lucky enough to call writing her profession for over thirty years. She's produced ad copy for radio, worked as a photojournalist, drawn a weekly comic strip, coauthored a cookbook, and written numerous freelance articles. She and her husband of over thirty years live in the northern California wine country where they find more than enough subject material for their shared passion for photography, although their grandchildren are most often in front of the lens.

Book Synopsis

Welcome To The Pack. . .

In the shadows they transform into beasts possessed of boundless sexual energy, with the strength and stamina to indulge every primal urge. Now, six new Chanku have appeared—bold, brash, and very much in need of their elders' wisdom. It is decided to split the young pack: three will travel to Montana to learn from Anton Cheval, and three to Colorado to be mentored by Ulrich Mason and his mate, Millie. . .

Having weathered a series of vicious attacks, the Montana pack welcomes the distraction of breaking in the novices. But everything changes with the arrival of a mysterious stranger whose connection to Millie will bring the she-wolf, her partner, and their proteges—including Matt, the sensitive alpha Millie has brought to his sexual peak—to Montana. The time has come for Millie to confront her past, even as the young Chanku prepare for a future of power, pride, and pure pleasure. . .

"A searing erotic tale that will send your senses reeling. . .you don't want the story to end and can't wait for more." —Cheyenne McCray

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