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Total Knee Replacement and Rehabilitation: The Knee Owner's Manual »

Book cover image of Total Knee Replacement and Rehabilitation: The Knee Owner's Manual by Daniel J. Brugioni

Authors: Daniel J. Brugioni, Jeffrey E. Falkel, Jeff Falkel
ISBN-13: 9780897934398, ISBN-10: 0897934393
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Hunter House, Incorporated
Date Published: June 2004
Edition: (Non-applicable)

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Author Biography: Daniel J. Brugioni

Book Synopsis

Complete with 145 exercises and nearly 200 illustrations and photos, this comprehensive guide helps readers navigate through the entire process of having one or both knees replaced. It explains what to consider when deciding on knee replacement, details the procedure, and provides extensive suggestions for the crucial postoperative rehabilitation. Patients will learn how to prepare their homes for rehab, and what to do, week-by-week, on the road to recovery.

Table of Contents

The Need for a Book on TKA1
The Authors' Personal and Professional Experience3
Why This Book, and Why Now?4
1Knee Arthritis: Why Do My Knees Hurt So Much?7
Traumatic Arthritis10
Rheumatoid Arthritis10
Other Forms of Arthritis10
Diagnosing Arthritis11
Common Questions and Some Answers12
2Treatment Options: What Can I Do to Get Rid of the Pain?15
Lifestyle Changes16
Cartilage Replacement22
Total Knee Replacement24
Selecting a Surgeon26
TKA Surgical Technique26
Bilateral TKA29
Common Questions and Some Answers30
3Getting Ready: Preparing Your Home and Yourself for Surgery33
Home Preparation34
Basic Presurgery Home Exercises38
Planning Your Postsurgery Exercise Program42
Presurgery Exercises Using the Total Gym44
Cardiovascular and Endurance Exercise49
Weight Control50
Walker, Crutches, or Cane?50
Common Questions and Some Answers52
4The Total Knee Operation: What to Expect Before, During, and Immediately After Surgery55
Preoperative Preparation56
Blood Donation57
Medication Adjustments58
The TKA Surgical Procedure61
The Recovery Room63
The ICU63
The Hospital Room64
Dealing with Pain and Other Potential Complications65
Preventing Blood Clots67
The CPM Machine69
Common Questions and Some Answers70
5Postoperative Days One Through Five: Am I Ready for Rehab?73
Day One: Beginning Physical Therapy74
First Attempts to Walk78
Range-of-Motion Exercises79
Breathing Exercises81
Days Two Through Five: Continuing Physical Therapy81
Care of Your Surgical Incision84
Ice and Elevation85
Personal Care86
Discharge from the Hospital87
Common Questions and Some Answers88
6Week One: You Want Me to Do What?!91
Home Physical Therapy92
Regaining Range of Motion93
Range-of-Motion Exercises94
Pain Control99
Anticoagulant Medication100
Restarting Your Regular Medications101
Control of Swelling101
Strengthening Exercises103
Getting Around at Home109
Get Some Rest: Your New Knee Will Thank You109
Common Questions and Some Answers110
7Week Two: Will I Ever Be Normal Again?113
Follow-Up Visit to Your Surgeon114
Scar Management115
Getting In and Out of the Car116
Walking and Endurance Training118
Stairs: No Longer the Enemy!118
Home Physical Therapy120
Home CPM Machine121
Taking Charge of Your Own Rehabilitation121
Range-of-Motion Exercises121
Home Strengthening Exercises128
Thera-Band Exercises130
Common Questions and Some Answers132
8Week Three: This Isn't As Bad As I Thought It Would Be135
Outpatient Physical Therapy136
Continuing Self-Directed Physical Therapy138
Range-of-Motion Exercises141
Futebol Exercises143
Walking With or Without a Cane149
Soft-Tissue and Scar Management151
Common Questions and Some Answers153
9Pool Therapy: The TKA's Best Friend157
When to Start Pool Therapy158
Finding a Pool158
Hot vs. Cool Water--or Both?159
Getting Into and Out of the Water159
How Long and How Often?160
Range-of-Motion Exercises160
Water-Walking Exercises166
Water Plyometric Exercises169
Swimming for Exercise173
Pool Therapy with Other Exercises175
Common Questions and Some Answers175
10Week Four: I Made It to My "Olympics"!177
The Transition from Outpatient to Self-Directed Physical Therapy178
Picking and Choosing from the Exercise "Smorgasbord"179
Stationary-Cycling Exercises180
Futebol Exercises180
Exercises Using the Total Gym183
Stationary Rowing189
Ice vs. Heat190
Starting to Live Again!190
Standing Still190
Sitting Tolerance191
Returning to Work192
Sleeping Through the Night192
Daily Activities193
Going for a Walk193
Common Questions and Some Answers194
11One to Three Months: Don't Stop Now!197
Reversing Muscular Atrophy198
Preventing Injury199
Range-of-Motion Exercises201
Endurance Training201
Soft-Tissue Mobilization203
When Will I Walk Normally Again?204
Exercises to Improve Walking205
Preventive Antibiotics207
Common Questions and Some Answers209
12Three Months to Six Months: I Think I Need a Vacation211
Precautions for Living with Your TKA212
Range-of-Motion Exercises214
Strength and Endurance Exercises216
Losing the Cane219
Balance Training220
Common Questions and Some Answers225
13Six Months to One Year: I Should Have Done This Years Ago!227
Is It Time to Have the Other Knee Replaced?228
Getting Stronger229
Balance Training230
Balance-Board Exercises231
When Can I Start Doing ---- Again? (Fill in the Blank)234
Common Questions and Some Answers238
14One Year to Life: My Knee Is My Best Joint241
Common Questions and Some Answers244
Appendix APotential Complications of Total Knee Arthroplasty245
Medical Complications245
Surgical Complications246
Revision of the TKA250
Common Questions and Some Answers251
Appendix BIndex of Exercises254
Range-of-Motion Exercises254
Strengthening Exercise255
Balance Exercises257
Hot-Tub and Pool Exercises258
Futebol Exercises260
Thera-Band Exercises260
Walking Exercises261