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The Real Witches' Handbook: A Complete Introduction to the Craft »

Book cover image of The Real Witches' Handbook: A Complete Introduction to the Craft by Kate West

Authors: Kate West
ISBN-13: 9780738713755, ISBN-10: 0738713759
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide, LTD.
Date Published: May 2008
Edition: (Non-applicable)

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Author Biography: Kate West

The author of over a dozen books, Kate West (United Kingdom), has become the U.K.'s most successful author on Witchcraft. She is the recipient of a Lifetime Contribution to Witchcraft award and has been recognized as the most popular factual writer on Witchcraft by Children of Artemis, the fastest growing Witchcraft organization in the U.K. and Europe. Formerly the Vice President of the Pagan Federation, West remains active in the Wiccan community, speaking at international Witchfests and contributing to magazines. She is High Priestess of the Hearth of Hecate and lives in North Norfolk.

Book Synopsis

Kate West's trusted guidebooks have made her the most acclaimed Witchcraft author in the UK today. Llewellyn is proud to bring her classic The Real Witches' Handbook to US readers.

What is a real Witch? With honesty and friendly flair, West sets the record straight about the life of a modern Witch. Dispelling common myths and Hollywood-inspired images, she reveals the true beliefs and practices of this nature-based spirituality:

Sabbat Celebrations • The Wiccan Rede • Magic and Spells The Rule of Three • Deities • The Moon's Phases • Herb Lore Divination • Pathworking • Rituals and Meditations Choosing Your Witch Name • Craft Initiation • Coven or Solitary

From seasoned practical advice to simple magical spells, within these pages you'll find everything a real Witch needs to begin practicing the Craft.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements     vi
Introduction     vii
Witchcraft: The Myths     1
Witchcraft in Reality     12
Moon Worship?     33
The Eight Sabbats     48
Becoming a Witch     95
Magic     117
Spellcraft and Herb Lore     132
Out of the Broom Closet     168
Getting in Touch     177
Terms and Definitions     186
Further Reading     194