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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Wicca and Witchcraft »

Book cover image of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Wicca and Witchcraft by Denise Zimmermann

Authors: Denise Zimmermann, Katherine A. Gleason, Katherine A. Gleason
ISBN-13: 9781592575336, ISBN-10: 1592575331
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Penguin Group (USA)
Date Published: August 2006
Edition: (Non-applicable)

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Author Biography: Denise Zimmermann

Denise Zimmerman is a practicing witch and the co-owner of a Wiccan store in Baltimore, MD. She was featured on the front page of the Baltimore Sun's Lifestyles section for Halloween 1999. She teaches courses on Wicca and other esoteric arts.

Katherine Gleason is a freelance writer based in New York City. Her most recent book is Native American Literature, published by Chelsea House.

Book Synopsis

This guide offers a beginner's look at the history of paganism, Wicca, and witchcraft, from the Druids and Celts to the witches of today who practice an earth-based religion, cast spells, and perform natural magic. The book, written by a practicing witch, reveals details of the witches' Sabbaths, ceremonies, and altar

Table of Contents

I: Wicca Wisdom.

1: All About Wicca and Witchcraft.
Welcome to Wicca and Witchcraft.
Supernatural Abilities?
Or, Super Abilities in the Natural?
Embracing Our Energy.
What Do Witches Look Like?
Are You a Good Witch or a Bad Witch?
Ever Met a Witch?
What Do Witches Believe?
Three Times Bad and Three Times Good.
And If It Harms None, Do What You Will.
Witches Do Believe in God.
Witches Don't Believe in Satan!
Are You Ready for Magick?

2: The History of Wicca and Witchcraft.
Searching the Spirit of Each Thing.
Paleolithic Gods and Goddesses.
Nurturing a Fertile World: The Rise of Ritual.
Pathworking with the Shaman.
Of Popes and Pagans.
From Gregory to Innocent: Papal Bull.
Monk Madness: The Malleus Malleficarum.
Enduring and Surviving the Crucible.
King James I's Witchcraft Act, 1604.
Salem, 1692.
Meeting in the Shadows and Emerging into the Light.
Solitary Pursuits.
The Crucible as a Metaphor for Persecution.
A Return to the Natural.
Witchcraft for the New Millennium.

3: Practicing Wicca and Witchcraft Today.
Starting Your Practice of Wicca and Witchcraft.
All Kinds of Witches.
The Witches' Coven.
The Tradition of the Craft.
The Eclectic Witch.
The Hereditary Witch.
Solitaire or Coven Life?
Pros and Cons of Coven Life.
Pros and Cons of Going Solo.
Neophyte Witch Seeks Training!
Training in a Coven.
Dedicated to the Craft.
Initiation: Earning Your Degree.
Life as a Coven Member.
Priests, Priestesses, and Elders.
Training as a Solitaire.
A Trip to Your Local Metaphysical Store.
Wicca Workshops and Courses.
Wicca Books, Videos, and the Internet.
When the Student Is Ready, the Teacher Will Appear.

II: The Wiccan Way.

4: Wiccan Deities: Homage to the Lord and Lady.
In the Beginning, the All.
Homage to the Lord and Lady.
Who Is the Lady, and Where Is She?
Who Is the Lord, and Where Is He?
How Do You Relate to the Lady?
Luna: Maiden, Mother, Crone, and Enchantress.
As a Woman: The Female Mysteries.
As a Man: The Male Mysteries.
The Charge of the Goddess.
How Do You Relate to the Lord?
Nature's Royal Prince, King, and Elder.
As a Woman: The Female Mysteries.
As a Man: The Male Mysteries.
Charge of the God.
Who Are All the Other Gods and Goddesses?
The Pantheon: Getting the Big Picture.
Working with Deities: Sometimes Light, Sometimes Dark.
Choosing Your Pantheon: Some Famous Deities.

5: So You Want to Be a Witch?
Why Do You Want to Be a Witch?
A Self-Exploration.
More on the Witches' Council and the 13 Goals of a Witch.
Following the Wiccan Way.
The Wiccan Rede.
Honoring the Wiccan Rede.
To Know, to Dare ...
All You Need to Put Yourself in Tune with Magickal Energy.
Magickal Purpose.
Magickal Concentration.
A Good Finger.
Your Place in the Universe.

6: What You Need to Do Magick.
Secrets of the Witch's Magickal Cabinet.
Choosing Your Magickal Toy Chest.
What Are Magickal Tools?
How Do You Use Magickal Tools?
Storing Magickal Tools.
Witches Love Toys!
A Basic Magickal Inventory for Beginners.
For More Advanced Magick.
Where to Find Magickal Stuff.
Metaphysical Stores, Catalogs, and the Internet.
Flea Markets and Found Objects.
Magick Craft: Making Your Own.
Oh, What to Wear?
What to Wear?
From High Priests and Priestesses to Covenmaids.
Can Witches Do Magick in Street Clothes?
Secrets of the Witch's Wardrobe Closet.
A Cloak of Stars: Skyclad. Robes, Dresses, Hoods, and Shoes.
The Ultimate Accessory: Jewelry.
Adorning with Body Art.

7: Observing Ritual the Wiccan Way.
What Is a Wiccan Ritual?
Why Perform a Magick Ritual?
When to Do Ritual.
When Not to Do Ritual.
All Kinds of Wiccan Ceremonies, Rites, and Rituals.
Performing Ritual as a Group.
Ritual Solitaire Style.
Moon Magick: Esbats.
Sacred Times: The Witches' Sabbats.
Making Magick Takes Preparation, Body, Mind, and Spirit.
All the Parts of a Wiccan Ritual.
How to Design a Wiccan Ritual.
A Guide to Wiccan Ritual Etiquette.
Dressing Up: Choosing the Right Clothes and Jewelry.
Inviting Friends and Family to Share.
Animals Join In.
Recording Your Wiccan Ritual.
Crafting Your Witch's Book of Shadows.
Grimoires and Books of Shadows.
Why Start Your Own BOS? Witches' Knowledge:
What to Put in Your BOS.
How to Choose Your BOS and Organize It.
Where to Keep Your BOS and Who Should See It.
What Happens to Your BOS When You Die?

III: So, You Want To Do Magick?

8: Dedicate Yourself to the Craft.
First, Take Your Magickal Name.
The Significance of a Magickal Name.
Why Take a Magickal Name, and When?
Choosing Your Magickal Name.
What Your Magickal Name Says About You.
Coming to Your Magickal Name: A Self-Exploration.
The Name of Rebirth.
Numerology: Your Destiny and Life Path Numbers.
Your Name in a Magickal Alphabet.
Can You Change Your Magickal Name?
A New Path in an Old Way of Life.
What It Means to Dedicate.
Taking Your New Name in Dedication.
How to Do Your Own Self-Dedication.

9: Preparing to Do Ritual.
A Cleansing Ritual Bath.
Why a Bath Is Important and When to Take It.
How to Take a Ritual Bath.
Consecration: A Means of Empowerment.
What Does It Mean to Charge Your Magickal Tools?
A Charging Ritual for Your Magickal Tools.
Learning to Ground Yourself Before Ritual.
Visualization Techniques You Can Use.
Focus Is No Hocus Pocus.
Fasting Before Ritual.
Magick Music.
Using Music in Ritual.
Chants: Find Your Magickal Voice.

10: Where to Do Magick.
Sacred Rituals Need a Sacred Place.
What Makes a Sacred Place Sacred?
How Is a Sacred Space Different from a Magick Circle?
Coming to Your Sacred Wicca Space: A Self-Exploration.
Setting and Respecting Sacred Boundaries.
Crafting an Altar.
What's So Special About an Altar?
What Do Altars Look Like?
Altar Specs.
Altars Big and Small.
Location, Location: North, South, East, West.
Sanctuary: Indoor vs. Outdoor Altars.
Permanent vs. Moveable Altars.
What Goes on Your Altar?
Porta-Pagan: Carrying Your Altar with You.

11: Cast a Magick Circle.
What Is a Magick Circle?
When to Cast a Circle, and When Not To.
Round vs. Square.
Getting Started.
How to Cleanse the Sacred Space.
How to Define the Circle.
How to Put Up the Circle.
Where's the Altar?
Summon, Stir, and Call: Calling in and Working with ...
The Elements.
The Elementals.
The Deities.
The Ancestors.
The Watchtowers.
Entering and Exiting a Magick Circle.
Working Magick Within the Magick Circle.
After the Magick Is Done.
Relaxation: Good Communication. Conversation Within the Circle.
How to Take Down the Circle.
The Circle Is Open, But Never Broken.

12: The Witches' Symbol.
All About Pentagrams. P
entagrams vs. Pentacles.
How Old Is the Pentagram?
What Does the Pentagram Stand For?
Five Points.
Pick Your Pentacle.
The Path of the Pentagram.
Pentagrams in the Air.
What About Inverted Pentagrams?
To Wear, or Not to Wear ...

IV: Working Magick.

13: Esbats: Moon Magick.
Esbats: Wicca Celebrates Moon Magick.
Working with Lunar Energy.
The New Moon: Initiation.
The Waxing Moon: Growth Potential.
The Full Moon: Your Heart's Desire Seek.
The Waning Moon: Taking Away.
The Dark Moon: Take a Break.
Drawing Down the Moon.
Once in a Blue Moon.
Seasonal Moons of the Lunar Calendar.
January: Wolf Moon.
February: Storm Moon.
March: Chaste Moon.
April: Seed Moon.
May: Hare Moon.
June: Lover's Moon.
July: Mead Moon.
August: Wyrt Moon.
September: Harvest Moon.
October: Blood Moon.
November: Snow Moon.
December: Oak Moon. Blood of the Moon.
Menstruation, Magick, and the Lunar Cycle.

14: Observing the Sabbats.
All About the Sun.
What Are the Sabbats?
As the Lord and Lady Travel the Wheel of the Year.
Quartering the Year:
Greater and Lesser Sabbats.
Natural vs. Human-Made Holidays.
Light the Balefire: When to Celebrate.
As a Solitaire, or in a Group.
What's in a Wiccan Sabbat Ritual?
The Wheel of the Year.
Samhain (October 31): Halloween, the Witches' New Year.
Yule (December 21): Winter Solstice.
Imbolc/Candlemas (February 2): Rebirth of the Sun.
Ostara (March 21): The Spring Equinox.
Beltane (April 30): Handfasting of the Lord and Lady.
Summer Solstice (June 21): A Midsummer Dream.
Lughnassad (August 2): The Early Harvest.
Mabon (September 21): Harvest Festival.

15: Summon, Stir, or Call.
Summon, Stir, Call, Request, or Invite-Which Is Right?
The Elements: Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. Dragons.
The Guardians of the Watchtower.
A Little Help from Your Friends.
The Elementals.
Tree Spirits.
In the Company of ... Deities. Angels. Tapping into the Power of ... Spirit Guides.
Spirit Animals.

16: Why Do Magick?
Are You Ready for Magick?
What Is Magick?
Magick, Magic, and Prayer.
Where Magick Starts.
How Magick Works.
Magickians and Witches: Highs and Lows.
Magickal Ethics.
Working with Magickal Energy.
The Magick Circle Revisited.
Building a Cone of Power.
Directing a Cone of Power.
Protect Yourself.
That Ol' Black, White, and Gray Magick.
What Magick Can Do for You.
Does the Witch Have to Harm to Heal?
From High Ritual to Everyday Magick.
All Kinds of Magick.

17: Enhancing Your Magick Power.
Working with Magickal Colors.
Magickal Signs and Symbols.
Magickal Alphabets.
Magickal Symbols.
Magickal Inscriptions.
That Something Extra.
Magickal Clothing.
Magickal Jewelry.
Energy and Attitude.
Channeling Chakras.
Magickal Attitude.
Talismans, Amulets, and Charms.
Magickal Recipes.

18: Magick Powers of Nature.
In Harmony with Nature.
Working Magick with Crystals and Stones.
Magickal Properties of Crystals and Stones.
Finding, Buying, and Storing Crystals and Stones.
Learning More.
Working Magick with Herbs and Botanicals.
Magickal Herbs and Botanicals.
Finding, Buying, and Storing Herbs and Botanicals.
Learning More.
Working with Essential Oils.
All About Essential Oils.
Finding, Buying, and Storing Essential Oils.
Learning More.

V: Any Time Is The Right Time For Magick.

19: To Know, to Dare, to Will, to Keep Silent.
To Know ... If Wicca Is Right for You.
Where to Start.
When to Advance Yourself in the Craft.
The Responsibilities of Being a Witch.
What to Do with the Responsibility
To Dare ... To Take the Challenge.
To Confront the Issues of the Day.
To Get Involved in Your Community.
To Will ... To Follow Through.
To Make a Change in the World.
To Stand Firm in Your Beliefs.
To Keep Silent ...
To Listen and Learn.
And Walk the Walk.

20: Magick's Astrological Correspondences.
Astrology: The Cosmic Muse.
The Zodiac Wheel of the Year.
Zodiac Signs and Their Energies.
Zodiac Signs and Their Qualities.
Zodiac Signs and Their Elements.
Planets, Their Symbols, and Energies.
Zodiac Signs and Their Planetary Rulers.
The Houses.
Natural Planets and Natural Signs in Their Houses.
Lunar Correspondences for Wiccan Rituals.
Energy: Moon in Aries.
Dependability: Moon in Taurus.
Communication: Moon in Gemini.
Nurturing: Moon in Cancer. Courage: Moon in Leo.
Self-Improvement: Moon in Virgo.
Balance: Moon in Libra.
Desire and Transformation: Moon in Scorpio.
Exploration: Moon in Sagittarius.
Achievement: Moon in Capricorn.
Revolution: Moon in Aquarius.
Compassion: Moon in Pisces.
Void of Course Moon.
Planetary Positions for Wiccan Rituals.
Where's the Sun?
Where's the Moon?
Where's Mercury?
Where's Venus?
Where's Mars?
Where's Jupiter?
Where's Saturn? Where's Uranus?
Where's Neptune?
Where's Pluto?
Planetary Rulership of Hours.

21: Magickal Timing.
Magick All Day Long.
Morning Magick: Sunrise.
Midday Magick: Sunshine.
Evening Magick: Crepuscular Light.
Nighttime Magick Resonating in Tune.
Magick All Week Long.
Sunday (Sun !) Magick.
Monday (Moon @) Magick.
Tuesday (Mars %) Magick.
Wednesday (Mercury #) Magick.
Thursday (Jupiter ^) Magick.
Friday (Venus $) Magick.
Saturday (Saturn &) Magick.
Magick by the Season.
Spring: Bring Forth New Life.
The Energies of Aries 1: March 21-April 20.
The Energies of Taurus 2: April 20-May 21.
The Energies of Gemini 3: May 21-June 22.
Summer: Strong and Sure.
The Energies of Cancer 4: June 22-July 23.
The Energies of Leo 5: July 23-August 22.
The Energies of Virgo 6: August 22-September 22.
Autumn: Accumulating and Taking Stock.
The Energies of Libra 7: September 22-October 23.
The Energies of Scorpio 8: October 23-November 22.
The Energies of Sagittarius 9: November 22-December 22.
Winter: Nurturing Within.
The Energies of Capricorn 0: December 22-January 21.
The Energies of Aquarius :January 21-February 19.
The Energies of Pisces: February 19-March 21.
Real Magick Takes Time. VI: Witche's Brew: Notions, Potions, and Powders.
22: More Ways to Work Magick.
What You Need for Poppet Magick.
Stopping the Magick.
Candle Magick and Incense Magick.
What You Need for Candle Magick.
A Candle Magick Spell.
Another Candle Magick Spell.
What You Need for Incense Magick.
An Incense Magick Spell.
String and Cord Magick.
A Spell for String and Cord Magick.
Undoing String and Cord Magick.
Mirror Magick.
A Mirror Magick Spell.
Storing Your Magick Mirror.
Kitchen Magick.
Weather Magick.
Notions, Potions, Powders, and More
Notions of Clay.
Potion Magick.
Powder Magick.
Paper Magick.
Flower Magick.

23: Spellcraft.
Using Spellcraft. What Is a Spell?
Double, Bubble, Toil and Trouble.
What Are Spells Used For?
What Are You Trying to
Accomplish with Your Spell?
Reexamining Your Intent.
Writing Your Own Spells.
Be Creative: Your Spell Worksheet.
Rhyming and Words of Power.
Remember to Keep Your
Magickal Record.
A Step-by-Step Guide to Spellcasting.
Doing Magick for Someone Else.
How to Break a
Spell. The Pros and Cons of Binding Spells.

24: Easy Spells.
More on Notions and Potions.
Crystal Talisman or Amulet. Empowering a Potion.
Blessings and Invocations.
Book Blessing. Two Invocations. Spells to Draw the Positive. Healing Necklace.
Love. Candle. Fertility Poppets. Money and Prosperity. Luck.
Spells to Keep Away the Negative.
Protection Spells. Binding Spells. Breaking Another Witch's Spell.
Spells for Elemental and Fairy Magick.
Air Magick. Fire Magick. Water Magick. Earth Magick. Fairy Magick.

25: Divination.
Tuning In with Your Psychic Mind. Carl Jung, Archetypes, and the Shadow Self.
Using the Tarot.
The Major Arcana: Archetypes for the Life Path. Cups, Wands, Swords, Pentacles.
Using the Tarot in Wicca.
Numerology: Going by the Numbers.
Resonating with the Energy of Numbers. Meaning of the Numbers 1 Through 9. Using
Numerology in Wicca.
Other Kinds of Divination.
Palmistry. Dowsing and Pendulum Magick. Channeling and Ouija Boards. Tea Leaves. I
Ching. Runes. Scrying.

26: Dreams and Visions.
Dreamtime: Pillow Magick.
Freud's Royal Road. Dream Symbols: Your Personal Archetypes. Divination Through
Dreams. Visitation in Dreams. Keeping a Dream Journal.
Altered States of Consciousness. Vision Questing, Astral Travel, and Bilocation.
Accessing Your Spirit Guides. Beyond This Life.
Edgar Cayce: The Akashic Records. Final Resting Place? Summerland Beckons.
Reincarnation: Rebirth.

A. Resources.
B. Magickal Record.