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Mona Lisa Blossoming (Monere Series #2) » (Reprint)

Book cover image of Mona Lisa Blossoming (Monere Series #2) by Sunny

Authors: Sunny
ISBN-13: 9780425224946, ISBN-10: 0425224945
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Publisher: Penguin Group (USA)
Date Published: November 2008
Edition: Reprint

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Author Biography: Sunny

Sunny is a former physician and the wife of novelist Da Chen.

Book Synopsis

As Mona Lisa learns the erotic and savage customs of the Monère elite, some of her new subjects chafe at being ruled by one whose lineage is diluted with human blood.

Publishers Weekly

In this at times hilarious but slight sequel to Sunny's erotic paranormal debut, Mona Lisa Awakening (2006), Mona Lisa, a "Mixed Blood Queen" who's part human and part MonEre (a humanoid race that originally came from the moon), moves from Manhattan to the New Orleans area to reign over 423 MonEre. Lisa, who can change into a Bengal tiger and heal through intimate relations, learns much about MonEre culture, but the matriarchal clan's history and their plans for Earth are never sufficiently explained, nor is there much of a plot other than a turf battle between Lisa and Mona Louisa, a rival queen from Mississippi, who despises Lisa's tainted blood. The sex scenes range from the extremely passionate to the repulsively beastly. Hopefully, the next installment will have a more cohesive story line. (Feb.) Copyright 2006 Reed Business Information.

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