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Math Secrets for the SAT and ACT »

Book cover image of Math Secrets for the SAT and ACT by Richard F. Corn

Authors: Richard F. Corn
ISBN-13: 9781936214068, ISBN-10: 1936214067
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Math Prep Books, A Wyatt-MacKenzie Imprint
Date Published: January 2010
Edition: (Non-applicable)

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Author Biography: Richard F. Corn

Book Synopsis

This insider's look at standardized tests covers two sets of math techniques, one for the SAT® and another for the ACT®.

For best results, this book should be used in combination with the practice tests published by The College Board in The Official SAT Study Guide, and by ACT Inc. in The Real ACT Prep Guide.

For a thorough review of the middle school and high school math on the tests, try using my other book, Math Study Guide for the SAT®, ACT® and SAT® Subject Tests.

Richard Corn tutors high school students in math and standardized test preparation. This book is the result of years of experience helping students raise their scores, regardless of ability and math background.

Table of Contents