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Law and Islam in the Middle East »

Book cover image of Law and Islam in the Middle East by Daisy Hilse Dwyer

Authors: Daisy Hilse Dwyer (Editor), Daisy H. Dwyer
ISBN-13: 9780897891516, ISBN-10: 0897891511
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group, Incorporated
Date Published: September 1990
Edition: (Non-applicable)

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Author Biography: Daisy Hilse Dwyer

DAISY HILSE DWYER is a a practicing attorney in New York City, with specializations in corporate and transnational law.

Book Synopsis

This volume considers Middle Eastern law as practiced by Muslims in a diversity of Middle East nations scrutinizing the relation of religion in and to law-related behavior. The book focuses on the sources of Islamic law, the reasons for its centrality in the Middle East and personal status law.

Table of Contents

Law and Islam in the Middle East: An Introduction by Daisy Hilse Dwyer

Women and Criminal Justice in Egypt by Safia K. Mohsen

Litigant Strategies in an Islamic Court in Jordan by Richard T. Antoun

Literacy and the Law: Documents and Document Specialists in Yemen by Brinkley Messick

Islam and the Struggle over State Law in Turkey by June Starr

Reinstating Islamic Criminal Law in Libya by Ann Elizabeth Mayer

Legal Postulates in Flux: Justice, Wit, and Hierarchy in Iran by Michael M. J. Fischer

Working the Law: A Lebanese Working-Class Case by Suad Joseph