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Law, Politics, and Morality in Judaism »

Book cover image of Law, Politics, and Morality in Judaism by Michael Walzer

Authors: Michael Walzer
ISBN-13: 9780691125084, ISBN-10: 0691125082
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Princeton University Press
Date Published: May 2006
Edition: (Non-applicable)

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Author Biography: Michael Walzer

Michael Walzer is a permanent member at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton. He is the author of "The Revolution of the Saints, Just and Unjust Wars, Spheres of Justice, Toleration," and "Politics and Passion".

Book Synopsis

Jewish legal and political thought developed in conditions of exile, where Jews had neither a state of their own nor citizenship in any other. What use, then, can this body of thought be today to Jews living in Israel or as emancipated citizens in secular democratic states? Can a culture of exile be adapted to help Jews find ways of being at home politically today? These questions are central in Law, Politics, and Morality in Judaism, a collection of essays by contemporary political theorists, philosophers, and lawyers. How does Jewish law accommodate--or fail to accommodate--the practice of democratic citizenship? What range of religious toleration and pluralism is compatible with traditional Judaism? What forms of coexistence between Jews and non-Jews are required by shared citizenship? How should Jews operating within halakha (Jewish law) and Jewish history judge the use of force by modern states? The authors assembled here by prominent political theorist Michael Walzer come from different points on the religious-secular spectrum, and they differ greatly in their answers to such questions. But they all enact the relationship at issue since their answers, while based on critical Jewish texts, also reflect their commitments as democratic citizens. The contributors are Michael Walzer, David Biale, the late Robert M. Cover, Menachem Fisch, Geoffrey B. Levey, David Novak, Aviezer Ravitzky, Adam B. Seligman, Suzanne Last Stone, and Noam J. Zohar.

Michael L. Morgan - History of Political Thought

This volume provides the reader with clear and penetrating discussion of such problems and suggests various models for how to conduct inquiry into them.

Table of Contents

1Obligation : a Jewish jurisprudence of the social order3
2Judaism and civil society12
3Civil society and government34
4Autonomy and modernity50
5Land and people57
6Contested boundaries : visions of a shared world83
7Diversity, tolerance, and sovereignty96
8Responses to modernity121
9Judaism and cosmopolitanism128
10Commanded and permitted wars149
11Prohibited wars169
12Judaism and the obligation to die for the state182