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Book cover image of Kabbalah for Health & Wellness by Mark Stavish

Authors: Mark Stavish
ISBN-13: 9780738709772, ISBN-10: 0738709778
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide, LTD.
Date Published: February 2007
Edition: (Non-applicable)

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Author Biography: Mark Stavish

Mark Stavish (Pennsylvania) has been a long-time student of esotericism and is a frequent lecturer on ancient occult knowledge. Founder of the Institute for Hermetic Studies, he is the author of numerous articles on Western esotericism. In 2001 he established the Louis Claude de St. Martin Fund, a non-profit dedicated to advancing the study and practice of Western Esotericism. He has also served as a consultant to print and broadcast media and several documentaries. He holds undergraduate degrees in Theology and Communications and a Master's in Counseling.

Book Synopsis

Many people study and practice the Kabbalah for years. The concepts can certainly help people spiritually, and some people also use Kabbalah concepts as the basis for making talismans and doing other forms of magick.

But there is another aspect of the Kabbalah that is frequently overlooked: making it relevant to your daily life. We don't need to design and charge talismans daily. What we do need is our health. And on the occasions when were not well, we need ways to return to health. Does the Kabbalah have any solutions to this daily need? Indeed it does!

In Kabbalah for Health & Wellness, Mark Stavish provides a unique look at the Kabbalah that dispenses with unwieldy complications and cuts to the core of the matter. The result is an excellent resource for beginning to advanced Kabbalists as well as energy healers.

Based on Tradition Easy to Use

This work is firmly based on Kabbalistic traditions and sources, but it is presented so clearly that anyone can use it. It is filled with exercises, rituals and techniques you can use to enhance your health and aid in healing others. It begins with Kabbalistic techniques of prayer, meditation and ritual, fully explaining each, including their similarities and differences. You'll learn how to effectively use these three basic techniques.

Then you'll learn how to actually put such things as the famed Tree of Life to practical use as a means to balance the body's energies, for it is in balance that you will find health.

Another rarely used key to Kabbalistic healing is the Hebrew alphabet. Unique diagrams show where the letters are associated with the body and the energy paths within the body. Techniques aregiven showing you how to visualize the letter on the associated body part for healing. For example, the letter Ayin is associated with the liver and the Samekh with the stomach. The techniques shared reveal how you can use this information to help yourself or work on healing others.

Pathworking and Healing

One of the crowning features of Kabbalistic practice is Pathworking astrally traveling through the Tree of Life. But what good is this practice? A simple chart illustrates the associations between the paths, astrology and parts of the body. The 29th path is associated with Pisces, the legs and feet. Work on this path for healing problems in this area. For problems with the back, work on the 20th path which is associated with Virgo. Each path is described and methods of doing pathworking for healing are given.

•Learn to use the colors of the planets for healing 

•Practice the Middle Pillar ritual for added energy 

•Use the power of the hands for healing yourselfand others

•Discover how variations of the name of God canbe used for healing

•Work with your holy guardian angelCelebrities from Madonna to Britney Spears are using various forms of Kabbalah in their lives. This is simply the most complete book on the Kabbalah and health ever published. If you are familiar with the Kabbalah it will allow you to use what you know as never before. If you are a healer it will open up powerful ancient techniques for you to use. And if you are new to healing or the Kabbalah it will let you put the ancient techniques to use in a way most people have never dreamed of.

Table of Contents

List of Exercises, Techniques, and Practices     viii
Acknowledgments     ix
Foreword     xi
Introduction     xv
How to Use This Book     1
What Is Energetic Healing?     7
Kabbalistic Practice of Prayer, Meditation, and Ritual     29
The Sepher Yetzirah and the Tree of Life     51
Pathworking: Getting There from Here     99
Kabbalistic and Alchemical Physiology     135
Color-Coding Your Health     151
The Crucible of the Heart: Inner Alchemy and Kabbalah     177
Closing Thoughts     197
Glossary     201
Selected Bibliography     207
Index     211