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Introduction to Islamic Law » (New Edition)

Book cover image of Introduction to Islamic Law by Wael B. Hallaq

Authors: Wael B. Hallaq
ISBN-13: 9780521678735, ISBN-10: 0521678730
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Date Published: August 2009
Edition: New Edition

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Author Biography: Wael B. Hallaq

Wael B. Hallaq is James McGill Professor of Islamic Law in the Institute of Islamic Studies at McGill University. He is a world-renowned scholar whose publications include The Origins and Evolution of Islamic Law (Cambridge, 2004), Authority, Continuity and Change in Islamic Law (Cambridge, 2001) and A History of Islamic Legal Theories (Cambridge, 1997).

Book Synopsis

An introduction to the fundamentals of Islamic law and its history.

Table of Contents

1 Who's who in the Shari'a 7

2 The law : how is it found? 14

3 The legal schools 31

4 Jurists, legal education and politics 38

5 Shari'a's society 57

6 Pre-modern governance : the Circle of Justice 72

7 Colonizing the Muslim world and its Shari'a 85

8 The law in the age of nation-states 115

9 State, ulama and Islamists 140

10 Shari'a then and now : concluding notes 163

Glossary of key terms 171

Chronology 179

Suggested further reading 184

Index 192