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Ibn Arabi - Time and Cosmology, Vol. 11 »

Book cover image of Ibn Arabi - Time and Cosmology, Vol. 11 by Moha Haj Yousef

Authors: Moha Haj Yousef
ISBN-13: 9780415444996, ISBN-10: 0415444993
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Taylor & Francis, Inc.
Date Published: February 2008
Edition: (Non-applicable)

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Author Biography: Moha Haj Yousef

Book Synopsis

This book is the first comprehensive attempt to explain Ibn ‘Arabî’s distinctive view of time and its role in the process of creating the cosmos and its relation with the Creator. By comparing this original view with modern theories of physics and cosmology, Mohamed Haj Yousef constructs a new cosmological model that may deepen and extend our understanding of the world, while potentially solving some of the drawbacks in the current models such as the historical Zeno's paradoxes of motion and the recent Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox (EPR) that underlines the discrepancies between Quantum Mechanics and Relativity.

Table of Contents

List of figures     x
List of tables     xi
Foreword   Professor James W. Morris     xii
Preface     xv
Acknowledgements     xix
Abbreviations     xx
Cosmology and time     1
General aspects of Ibn 'Arabi's concept of time and days     27
The significance of the divine week and its seven days     73
The actual flow of time     100
Unicity and multiplicity     117
The Single Monad model of the cosmos     140
The Single Monad model and its implications for modern physics     165
Notes     193
Bibliography     205
Index     218