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Feminism in Islam: Secular and Religious Convergences » (Original)

Book cover image of Feminism in Islam: Secular and Religious Convergences by Margot Badran

Authors: Margot Badran
ISBN-13: 9781851685561, ISBN-10: 1851685561
Format: Paperback
Publisher: One World.
Date Published: February 2009
Edition: Original

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Author Biography: Margot Badran

Book Synopsis

While many in the West regard feminism and Islam as incompatible, many Muslims in the East have perceived Western feminist forces as an assault upon their culture. In this career-spanning collection of influential essays, Margot Badran presents the feminisms that Muslim women have created, and examines Islamic and secular feminist ideologies side by side. Borne out of over two decades of work, this volume provides a unique contribution to Islam and gender studies.

Table of Contents

Preface vii

Introduction 1

Part I Egypt-Late Nineteenth to End of the Twentieth Centuries: First Century of Feminism

1 Competing Agenda: Feminists, Islam, and the State in Nineteenth-and Twentieth-Century Egypt 17

2 Women, Qasim Amin, and the Rise of Feminist Discourse 55

3 From Consciousness to Activism: Feminist Politics in Early Twentieth-Century Egypt 65

4 Expressing Feminism and Nationalism in Autobiography: The Memoirs of an Egyptian Educator 90

5 Independent Women: More Than a Century of Feminism in Egypt 116

6 Gender Activism: Feminists and Islamists in Egypt 141

7 Body Politic(s): Women, Power, and Sexuality in Egypt 168

8 Gender Journeys into Arabic 192

Part II Muslim World-Late Twentieth to Twenty-First Centuries: Widening Circles, New Directions

9 Towards Islamic Feminisms: A Look at the Middle East 215

10 Islamic Feminism: What's in a Name? 242

11 Unifying Women: Feminist Pasts and Presents in Yemen 253

12 Shar'ia Activism in Nigeria in the Era of Hudud 279

13 Between Secular and Islamic Feminism(s): Reflections on the Middle East and Beyond 300

14 Islamic Feminism on the Move 323

Index 339