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Everyman's Talmud: The Major Teachings of the Rabbinic Sages »

Book cover image of Everyman's Talmud: The Major Teachings of the Rabbinic Sages by Abraham Cohen

Authors: Abraham Cohen
ISBN-13: 9789562914352, ISBN-10: 9562914356
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Beta Nu Publishing
Date Published: May 2007
Edition: (Non-applicable)

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Author Biography: Abraham Cohen

Book Synopsis

Long regarded as the classic introduction to the teachings of the Talmud, this comprehensive and masterly distillation summarizes the wisdom of the rabbinic sages on the dominant themes of Judaism.

Table of Contents

Sect. IHistorical Antecedents
Sect. IIThe Mishnah
Sect. IIIGemara and Midrash
Ch. IThe Doctrine of God
Sect. IExistence1
Sect. IIUnity4
Sect. IIIIncorporeality6
Sect. IVOmnipresence8
Sect. VOmnipotence10
Sect. VIOmniscience13
Sect. VIIEternity15
Sect. VIIIJustice and Mercy16
Sect. IXFatherhood20
Sect. XHoliness and Perfection22
Sect. XIThe Ineffable Name24
Ch. IIGod and the Universe
Sect. ICosmology27
Sect. IITranscendence and Immanence40
Sect. IIIAngelology47
Sect. IVIsrael and the Nations58
Ch. IIIThe Doctrine of Man
Sect. IThe Human Being67
Sect. IIThe Soul76
Sect. IIIFaith and Prayer78
Sect. IVThe Two Impulses88
Sect. VFree Will93
Sect. VISin95
Sect. VIIRepentance and Atonement104
Sect. VIIIReward and Punishment110
Ch. IVRevelation
Sect. IProphecy121
Sect. IIThe Torah125
Sect. IIIStudy of the Torah135
Sect. IVThe Written Torah141
Sect. VThe Oral Torah146
Sect. VIThe Practice of Torah149
Ch. VDomestic Life
Sect. IWoman159
Sect. IIMarriage and Divorce162
Sect. IIIChildren170
Sect. IVEducation173
Sect. VFilial Piety180
Ch. VISocial Life
Sect. IThe Individual and the Community184
Sect. IILabour191
Sect. IIIMaster and Workman196
Sect. IVPeace and Justice203
Ch. VIIThe Moral Life
Sect. IImitation of God210
Sect. IIBrotherly Love212
Sect. IIIHumility216
Sect. IVCharity219
Sect. VHonesty227
Sect. VIForgiveness228
Sect. VIITemperance230
Sect. VIIIDuty to Animals235
Ch. VIIIThe Physical Life
Sect. ICare of the Body238
Sect. IIRules of Health241
Sect. IIIDietetics246
Sect. IVTreatment of Disease250
Ch. IXFolk-Lore
Sect. IDemonology260
Sect. IIThe Evil Eye270
Sect. IIIMagic and Divination274
Sect. IVDreams286
Sect. VSuperstitions291
Ch. XJurisprudence
Sect. IThe Courts298
Sect. IIJudges and Witnesses305
Sect. IIIThe Trial309
Sect. IVModes of Punishment315
Sect. VTorts322
Sect. VIFound Property328
Sect. VIIBailment331
Sect. VIIITenancy334
Sect. IXSale and Delivery337
Sect. XPrescriptive Right341
Sect. XIInheritance343
Ch. XIThe Hereafter
Sect. IThe Messiah346
Sect. IIResurrection of the Dead357
Sect. IIIThe World to Come364
IVThe Last Judgment370
Sect. VGehinnom379
Sect. VIGan Eden383
Selected Bibliography391