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Dale Brown's Dreamland: Razor's Edge »

Book cover image of Dale Brown's Dreamland: Razor's Edge by Dale Brown

Authors: Dale Brown, Jim DeFelice
ISBN-13: 9780060094393, ISBN-10: 0060094397
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Date Published: January 2003
Edition: (Non-applicable)

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Author Biography: Dale Brown

Dale Brown is the author of numerous New York Times bestsellers, starting with Flight of the Old Dog in 1987. A former U.S. Air Force captain, he often flies his own plane over the skies of the United States.

Book Synopsis

Dale Brown: The Novel

"Death of the Dogfight": An Interview with Dale Brown

The third installment of New York Times best-selling author Dale Brown's Dreamland series. This adventure features a battle in the skies over Iran and Iraq.

Table of Contents