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Chronic Candidiasis »

Book cover image of Chronic Candidiasis by Michael T. Murray

Authors: Michael T. Murray, Jennifer Basye Sander
ISBN-13: 9780761508212, ISBN-10: 076150821X
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Crown Publishing Group
Date Published: June 1997
Edition: (Non-applicable)

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Author Biography: Michael T. Murray

Michael T. Murray, N.D. is widely regarded as one of the world's leading authorities on natural medicine. He is a graduate, faculty member, and serves on the Board of Trustees of Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington. Dr. Murray is the co-author of A Textbook of Natural Medicine, the definitive textbook on naturopathic medicine for physicians, as well as the consumer version - Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine. He has also written over 20 other books including The Healing Power of Herbs and The Encyclopedia of Nutritional Supplements.
As a consultant to the health food industry, Dr. Murray has been instrumental in bringing many effective natural products to North America, including:
·Glucosamine sulfate
·St. John's wort extract
·Ginkgo biloba extract
·Enteric coated peppermint oil
·Saw palmetto berry extract For the past twenty years, Dr. Murray has been compiling a massive database of original scientific studies from the medical literature. He has personally collected over 50,000 articles from the scientific literature which provide strong evidence on the effectiveness of diet, vitamins, minerals, glandular extracts, herbs, and other natural measures in the maintenance of health and the treatment of disease. It is from this constantly expanding database that Dr. Murray provides the answers on health and healing. According to Dr. Murray: "One of the great myths about natural medicines is that they are not scientific. The fact of the matter is that for most common illnesses there is greater support in the medical literature for a natural approach than there is for drugs or surgery."
Unfortunately, many people are not aware of the natural approach that can put them on the road to lifelong health. Michael T. Murray, N.D. has dedicated his life to educating physicians, patients, and the general public on the tremendous healing power of nature. In addition to his books, which have cumulative sales of over two million copies, Dr. Murray has written thousands of articles, appeared on hundreds of radio and TV programs, and lectured to hundreds of thousands of people nationwide.

Book Synopsis

Stop Candida Yeast Infections—Naturally!
Are you one of the millions of people affected by chronic candidiasis—the yeast syndrome? Often mistaken for other maladies, the yeast syndrome can lead to headaches, sore muscles, general fatigue, low resistance to colds and viruses, and other problems in both men and women.
Of the two most common prescription treatments, one can inflict severe liver damage and the other is safe but of only limited effectiveness. Fortunately, there are potent natural alternatives. They’re clearly explained here by Dr. Michael T. Murray, co-author of the bestselling Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine. You will learn how to:
·Determine if you suffer from candida yeast syndrome
·Follow Dr. Murray’s seven step program for combating candidiasis
·Adjust you daily diet to control candida growth
·Supplement your meals with nourishing vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants
·Strengthen your immune system to help resist candidiasis and many other invasive disorders
·And much more!
Discover how to overcome yeast syndrome and keep it from coming back—naturally!

Table of Contents

Before You Read On
1. An Overview of Chronic Candidiasis (the Yeast Syndrome)
The Yeast Syndrome What Causes Chronic Candidiasis?
A Vicious Cycle The Candida Questionnaire Diagnosis of the Yeast Syndrome The Comprehensive Stool and Digestive Analysis Measuring Antibody or Antigen Levels Syndromes Related to the Yeast Syndrome Final Comments
2. Antibiotics and the Yeast Syndrome
Dependence Upon Antibiotics Alternatives to Antibiotics Bladder Infections Antibiotics and Upper Respiratory Tract Infections Treating Upper Respiratory Infections Naturally Acne Final Comments
3. Enhancing Digestive Secretions
The Pancreas Final Comments
4. Dietary Factors
Sugar and the Yeast Syndrome Milk and Dairy Products Mold- and Yeast-Containing Foods Food Allergies Signs and Symptoms of Food Allergies Other Factors Triggering Food Allergies Diagnosis of Food Allergy Dealing with Food Allergies The Candida Control Diet Final Comments
5. Nutritional Supplementation
Taking a High-Quality Multiple Vitamin and Mineral Supplement Taking Extra Antioxidants Taking One Tablespoon of Flaxseed Oil Daily Final Comments
6. Enhancing Immunity
What Is the Immune System?
Immune Function and Chronic Candidiasis Restoring Proper Immune Function The Influence of Mood and Attitude on Immune Function The Influence of Lifestyle on Immune Function Diet and Immune Function Poor Diet Resulting in Nutrient Deficiency Enhancing Thymus Gland Activity Plant-Based Medicines Final Comments
7. Promoting Detoxification
The Importance of the Liver The Liver and Immune Function Damage to the Liver and Chronic Candidiasis Supporting the Liver Supporting Detoxification by Promoting Elimination Final Comments
8. Probiotics
Historical Perspective Available Forms of Probiotics Principle Uses of Probiotics Promoting a Healthy Intestinal Environment Post-Antibiotic Therapy Fructo-Oligosaccharides Final Comments
9. Natural and Prescription Anti-Yeast Agents
Natural Anti-Yeast Agents Prescription Anti-Yeast Therapies Final Comments
10. Special Concerns for Women: Vaginal Yeast Infections, Vulvodynia, and Premenstrual Syndrome
Vaginal Yeast Infections Vulvodynia Premenstrual Syndrome Final Comments
11. Putting It All Together
References Index