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Cesarean Section: Understanding and Celebrating Your Baby's Birth »

Book cover image of Cesarean Section: Understanding and Celebrating Your Baby's Birth by Michele C. Moore

Authors: Michele C. Moore, Caroline de Costa, Caroline M. de Costa
ISBN-13: 9780801873379, ISBN-10: 0801873371
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press
Date Published: June 2003
Edition: (Non-applicable)

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Author Biography: Michele C. Moore

Michele Moore, MD, FAAFP, is a physician who emphasizes integrated preventive health care, focusing on chronic illnesses, allergies, environmental medicine, and acupuncture. She was written and lectured extensively on women's health care and holistic medicine, and is the author of The Only Menopause Guide You'll Need, also available from Johns Hopkins. Caroline de Costa, MD, FRCOG, FRACOG, MPH, is a practicing obstetrician and professor of obstetrics and gynecology at James Cook University Medical School, Cairns, Australia.

Book Synopsis

One in four babies born in the United States and Europe comes into the world via Cesarean section. Yet this procedure has been described by critics as an unnecessary and potentially dangerous medical intervention. Consequently, expectant mothers often fear this option, and women who have had C-sections can feel a sense of failure.

In Cesarean Section: Understanding and Celebrating Your Baby's Birth, Drs. Michele Moore and Caroline de Costa emphasize the joy of delivering a healthy baby, however that is best achieved. They explain why Cesarean births are sometimes preferable to vaginal delivery for both mother and baby, and they help women understand the issues behind the decision to perform the procedure. From anesthesia, surgery, and recovery through at-home care of mother and child, the authors offer reassurance and practical information for all mothers and mothers-to-be. They also discuss the latest findings on postpartum depression and planning for future births, including the possibility of vaginal birth after a Cesarean section.

For every woman who has a planned — or unplanned — Cesarean section, this book provides the information they need to alleviate their fears and come to value this delivery option.

"Because up to a quarter of all births are Cesarean births, prenatal preparation should include information about Cesarean sections for every woman. And that is why we have written this guide.... We believe strongly that it is time to speak out and say that Cesarean section is a normal birth method and that women who have a Cesarean section should not be made to feel that they have failed.... We hope you find the information in this book usefuland helpful in thinking about C-section, whether you have already had a Cesarean and want to understand the experience better, you wish to plan for another C-section birth, or you are expecting a baby and want to be informed about all the possibilities ahead, including this other normal way of bringing a baby into the world." — from the Introduction

Library Journal

American physician Moore specializes in women's and preventive healthcare, and Australian physician de Costa is an obstetrician/ gynecologist. They've come together to produce a small book with a big message-Cesarean section is simply another method for giving birth, with the corollary that what is significant is having a healthy newborn and not the procedures that lead to the birth. Although one in four babies born in the United States and Europe is delivered via C-section, many women who give birth this way feel that they have "failed" to have a "normal" delivery and/or to follow the precepts they've been taught in "natural childbirth" and other birthing programs. The authors convincingly contradict this kind of thinking by carefully and reassuringly discussing the reasons why C-sections are performed, the history of C-section, what occurs during a C-section, and other related topics. Anecdotal accounts of mothers' experiences, a Q&A section, and an extensive bibliography and glossary help to reinforce the authors' thesis. An important and timely book for consumer health and health sciences collections.-Linda M.G. Katz, Drexel Univ. Health Sciences Libs., Philadelphia Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information.

Table of Contents

Pt. IThe Why, What, and When of Cesarean Section
Ch. 1Why Are Cesarean Sections Performed?11
Ch. 2A Brief History of Cesarean Section20
Ch. 3What Happens in Cesarean Section and Who Performs the Surgery?27
Ch. 4When Is a Cesarean Section an Emergency?47
Ch. 5When Is a Cesarean Section Not an Emergency?59
Ch. 6Considering the Risks of Cesarean Section71
Pt. IIWhat's Next? After a Cesarean Section
Ch. 7Going Home: You and Your Family85
Ch. 8Postpartum Depression93
Ch. 9Contraception98
Ch. 10Vaginal Birth after Cesarean Section112
App. A: Questions to Ask Your Doctor121
App. BThe Apgar Scale125
App. CCalcium-rich Foods126
App. DIron-rich Foods128
App. EMy Baby Died130
Selected Bibliography143