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Certified Proffesional Secretary (CPS) Examination and Certified Administrative Proffesional (Cap) Examination Review for Management » (5th Edition)

Book cover image of Certified Proffesional Secretary (CPS) Examination and Certified Administrative Proffesional (Cap) Examination Review for Management by Varina L. Haney

Authors: Varina L. Haney, Lynn Mazzola
ISBN-13: 9780131145504, ISBN-10: 0131145509
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Date Published: October 2004
Edition: 5th Edition

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Author Biography: Varina L. Haney

Book Synopsis

Professional certification opens opportunities for career advancement.

The Certified Professional Secretary (CPS®) and the Certified Administrative Professional (CAP®) Examination Review Series provides valuable assistance to anyone preparing for the CPS and CAP Examinations. The Series focuses on key topics test-takers must know in order to pass the exams. It is the only examination preparation series produced in conjunction with the International Association of Administrative Professionals® (IAAP®). Take the next step toward increasing your confidence and earning respect from your employers and peers.

These books are designed to help you prepare for the new test outline to be offered beginning November 2004. The Series guides effective study techniques:

  • Key examples are emphasized.
  • Difficult concepts are illustrated.
  • New Feature: "Checkpoint" sections within each chapter offer practice as readers work through new material.
  • "For Your Review," end-of-chapter, exam-like questions offer you a chance to assess your own performance on the exam.
  • Term review, with text page references, reinforces essential vocabulary.
  • Glossaries at the end of each book provide accessible reference.
  • A comprehensive practice exam simulates the testing environment and provides even more practice.

You can also purchase all three books in an interactive online format that includes all material found in the CPS and CAP Examination Series texts plus automated assessment feedback. Learn more by visiting

Table of Contents



Section I

Human Resources

Chapter 1

Basic Management Principles  


Chapter 2

Recruitment, Selection, and Performance Evaluation  

Chapter 3

Legal and Ethical Issues  


Chapter 4

Job Analysis, Training, and Development  

Chapter 5

Compensation, Benefits, and Record Keeping   00

Section II

Accounting Procedures and Analysis  

Chapter 6

Accounting Procedures  

Chapter 7

Accounting Procedures  

Chapter 8

Financial Statement Analysis and Managerial Accounting  

Section III

Human Resources

Chapter 9

Time Management  


Section IV

Human Resources

Chapter 10



Practice Exam