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Biomedical Ethics and Jewish Law » (New Edition)

Book cover image of Biomedical Ethics and Jewish Law by Fred Rosner

Authors: Fred Rosner
ISBN-13: 9780881257014, ISBN-10: 088125701X
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: KTAV Publishing House, Inc.
Date Published: May 2001
Edition: New Edition

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Author Biography: Fred Rosner

Book Synopsis

"Dr. Fred Rosner's Biomedical Ethics and Jewish Law is for informed readers who wish to keep in touch with developments in this area from the standpoint of both science and Jewish tradition. The present volume adds ten new chapters, dealing with such compelling medical issues as medical confidentiality, contraception, artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization, surrogate motherhood, sex predetermination, abortion and pregnancy reduction, genetic screening, gene therapy, cloning, euthanasia, quality of life, death and dying, organ translation, autopsy, embalming and cremation, animal and human experimentation, scarce resource allocation, managed care, cosmetic surgery, the disabled unconventional therapies, AIDS, smoking, physician's fees, and much more." "In addition, a number of the earlier chapters have been thoroughly revised in light of current developments. The book is an addition to the library of anyone who is concerned about the interaction between modern medicine and Jewish law in the twenty-first century."--BOOK JACKET.


Dr. Rosner, the director of the department of medicine at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, analyzes how ancient Talmudic law forms the basis for decisions related to complex contemporary medical issues. He presents sometimes conflicting interpretations of such matters as the doctor-patient relationship, beginning and end of life questions, managed care, AIDS, alternative therapies, smoking, and cosmetic surgery. This volume updates his (1991). Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (

Table of Contents

1The Physician's License to Heal5
2The Patient's Obligation to Seek Healing13
3Medical Confidentiality21
4Physicians' Fees29
5Physicians' Strikes41
6Gifts to Physicians from Drug Companies51
7The Best of Physicians is Destined for Gehenna63
8Priests Studying and Practicing Medicine71
9Visiting the Sick85
10AIDS: A Jewish View91
12Artificial Insemiriation127
13In Vitro Fertilization, Surrogate Motherhood, and Sex Organ Transplants143
14Sex Preselection and Predetermination165
16Pregnancy Reduction197
17Genetic Screening, Genetic Therapy and Cloning205
18Quality and Sanctity of Life223
20Rabbi Moshe Feinstein on the Treatment of the Terminally Ill257
22Definition of Death287
23Research and/or Training on the Newly Dead303
24Organ Transplantation313
25Pig Organs for Transplantation into Humans335
26Compensating Organ Donors347
27Skin Grafting and Skin Banks355
29Embalming and Cremation389
30Human Experimentation407
31Animal Experimentation413
32The Allocation of Scarce Medical Resources435
33Smoking and Jewish Law451
34Dental Emergencies on the Sabbath463
35Unconventional Therapies477
36Pigeons as a Remedy (Segulah) for Jaundice491
37The Physically and Mentally Disabled503
38Managed Care: The Jewish View513
39Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery531
Subject Index539
Name Index545