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Barnes and Noble Basics Diabetes »

Book cover image of Barnes and Noble Basics Diabetes by Paul Heltzel

Authors: Paul Heltzel, Elizabeth Morgan
ISBN-13: 9780760739839, ISBN-10: 0760739838
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Silver Lining
Date Published: September 2003
Edition: (Non-applicable)

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Author Biography: Paul Heltzel

Book Synopsis

You've just learned you have diabetes, and you're scared: as the 17 million Americans suffering from the disease know, it's stressful caring for an illness that requires 24/7 monitoring. Will you need to give yourself shots? What happens if you accidentally take too much insulin? How can you avoid suffering the side effects diabetes can cause? This reassuring manual will show you what to do, guide you when you see your doctor, and help you feel in control of your illness. It includes all the latest treatments (traditional, alternative, nutritional) as well as cutting edge therapies involving stem cell transplants. But you'll also find out what life is like with diabetes, how to cope with the psychological impact of having a chronic disorder, and how to talk to friends, family, and co-workers about the illness.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1Getting the Diagnosis7
Experiencing the symptoms8
Seeing your doctor10
Tests for diabetes12
Types of diabetes14
Getting a diagnosis16
Possible causes18
You are not alone20
Keeping a health journal22
Helpful resources24
Chapter 2Treatments25
Doing the work of the pancreas26
Glucose meters28
All about insulin30
Insulin injections32
Insulin pumps34
Pills for type 2 diabetes36
Big benefits from exercise38
Diet and weight loss40
Smart treatment tips42
Helpful resoruces44
Chapter 3Using the Internet45
Top health sites for laypeople46
Top medical research sites48
Nonprofit organizations50
Government agencies52
On top of the news54
Diet and exercise56
Keeping useful records58
Better searching60
Online support62
Mailing lists64
Helpful resources66
Chapter 4Putting Your Team Together67
Your primary care doctor68
Diabetes educator72
Your advocate76
How to be a smart patient78
Support groups80
Helpful resources82
Chapter 5Eating Right83
Food fundamentals84
Eating for your health86
Using exchanges92
Counting carbohydrates94
Smart food shopping96
All about alcohol98
Eating on the go100
Diabetes at all ages102
Helpful resources104
Chapter 6Complementary Therapies105
Weighing your alternatives106
Massage & bodywork108
Stress management110
Yoga, the "mindful" exercise114
Beware of quackery116
Helpful resources118
Chapter 7Living Smart119
Exercise at work and play120
Sex and diabetes122
Finding insurance124
Eating out126
Traveling with diabetes128
Helpful resources130
Chapter 8Sick Days131
Dealing with flu and colds132
Testing when ill134
Over-the-counter medications136
Working from home138
Going to the hospital140
Helpful resources142
Chapter 9Preventing Complications143
Knowing the risks144
Heart disease and stroke146
Helpful resources154
Chapter 10On Stress and Comfort155
What is stress?156
Chronic stress158
Smart coping strategies160
Learning to relax162
Talking about it164
Your partner's concerns166
Managing the inconveniences168
Helpful resources170
Chapter 11The New You171
Life with diabetes172
Stages of adjustment174
Overcoming setbacks178
Helpful resources180
Chapter 12Pregnancy181
Diabetes and pregnancy182
Gestational diabetes184
Pregnancy with type 1186
Pregnancy with type 2188
Helpful resources190
Chapter 13Children with Diabetes191
Stages of diabetes in children192
After the diagnosis194
I'm that child196
A family experience of illness198
Activities for children200
Helpful resources202
Chapter 14Cutting-edge Research203
Living history204
The transplant cure206
Improved testing and delivery208
Less painful testing210
Insulin improvements212
Helpful resources214