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411 SAT Algebra and Geometry Questions »

Book cover image of 411 SAT Algebra and Geometry Questions by LearningExpress

Authors: LearningExpress
ISBN-13: 9781576855607, ISBN-10: 1576855600
Format: Paperback
Publisher: LearningExpress, LLC
Date Published: July 2006
Edition: (Non-applicable)

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Author Biography: LearningExpress

Book Synopsis

In order to align the SAT with the math curriculum taught in high schools, the SAT exam has been expanded to include Algebra II materials. 411 SAT Algebra and Geometry Questions is created to offer you a rigorous preparation for this vital section. If you are planning to take the SAT and need extra practice and a more in-depth review of the Math section, here's everything you need to get started.

411 SAT Algebra and Geometry Questions is an imperative study tool tailored to help you achieve your full test-taking potential. The most common math skills that you will encounter on the math portion of the SAT are covered in this book. Increase your algebra and geometry skilld with proven techniques and test your grasp of these techniques as you complete 411 practice questions, including a pre- and posttest. Follow up by reviewing our comprehensive answer explanations, which will help measure your overall improvement. The questions are progressively more difficult as you work through each set. If you can handle the last question on each set, you are ready for the SAT!

Table of Contents